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talent acquisition vs recruitment

Discover the differences between talent acquisition and recruitment, and why your company needs a talent acquisition strategy. Learn more with Infogain Solutions Pte Ltd.

As the requirement for qualified individuals increases in the demanding labor market, companies must deliberate to bring in and keep the best employees. It’s where talent acquisition and recruitment come into play.


is usually responsive, concentrating on filling up a current opening. This process usually involves analyzing resumes, interviewing, and choosing a suitable hire. Nevertheless, recruitment is not a long-term solution to meeting talent demands. It needs the broader-perspective thinking essential for a practical talent acquisition approach.

Talent acquisition

is a proactive approach to identifying, attracting, and hiring top talent. It is a process that goes beyond simply filling a position. Talent acquisition partners with businesses to understand their goals, culture, and future hiring needs. It is a collaborative process that involves building relationships and maintaining a talent pipeline for the long term.

According to a LinkedIn report, 90% of professionals are open to new job opportunities, but only 36% of companies have a talent acquisition strategy.

Highlighting the need for businesses to adopt a talent acquisition mindset to stay ahead in the competition for top talent.

A successful talent acquisition strategy involves understanding the candidate’s experience initially. This process includes creating a positive candidate experience and engaging with them throughout the hiring process. According to a report by Talent Board, companies with a strong candidate experience improve their hires by 70%.

At Infogain Solutions, we believe in the power of talent acquisition to build a strong team of skilled professionals. We understand that talent acquisition is more than just filling a position; it’s about creating a long-term partnership with our clients to meet their current and future talent needs.

As the business world changes, it is necessary to adapt to remain competitive. Talent acquisition is the key to attracting, retaining, and cultivating quality personnel. We at Infogain Solutions are devoted to aiding our customers in putting together a talented team that will bring them success in the future.

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